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An introverted classical pianist raised on 80’s thrash metal has produced a musically schizophrenic hybrid of chaos and tranquility. Kyle Morrison has fronted the metal acts TRIPHON and SHATTERSPHERE as both the vocalist and keyboardist. Kyle has made a name for himself crafting classically-infused, video game inspired pianometal. An aggressive twist backing a typically soft instrument has created a unique genre that commands appreciation from multiple musical backgrounds.

“It’s like Metallica and Beethoven are fighting for dominance over my musical ideas. Some days I want to play screaming thrash metal and other days I only want to hear the notes of my piano. My work is the result of this constant tug of war. Throw in my lifelong hobby of video games and you have a concoction of musical madness.”

Combining modern technology with traditional composition, Kyle has created a genre of music that puts the focus on an often overlooked instrument within an aggressive setting. “The piano is such as diverse instrument. I’d like to push it in a direction that really hasn’t been explored to the fullest extreme. Given the technology, I’d imagine that our classical forefathers would have done the same.”

Work Wiki

Solo Work
Lore of the Immortals
One Winged Angel
The Maple Leaf Rag
Bouree in E Minor
The Death of Gilgamesh
The Athlete’s Rag
Titan’s Slumber
Rondo Alla Turca
The Bloody Tears of Simon Belmont
TES V: Skyrim Theme

Carol of the Bells
Fall of the Tyrant
Open The Gates

Eyes of Infliction
In The Face of Anger

Vena Amoris
Descent Into Darkness

WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment
Sang the original version of ECW theme “Don’t Question My Heart.”

Walker and the Brotherhood of the Grape
The One and Lonely

Production Wiki

Arshia K
Remember The Sandwich – EP



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