Lore of the Immortals

Lore of the Immortals

Big news everyone, I’m releasing the first ever Pianometal Concerto. XD

May 9, 2016

Atlanta, GA’s KYLE MORRISON (Triphon) is set to release the first ever pianometal concerto titled “Lore of the Immortals” via Sony Music / The Orchard. Presented in 3 movements and spanning almost 10 minutes, the concerto features guitarists Brian Canzanella (Vrawshe), Paul Jacovino (Vena Amoris) and Chet Powell (Die Once, Hell Bent, Legion X).

“It’s the first of it’s kind,” comments Morrison. “A slight variation on the traditional structure of a piano concerto combined with blast beats and shred metal.” Kyle Morrison launched a YouTube Channel in 2015 dedicated to the style and often remaking video game music, classical, and more. This is his first original composition that seeks to establish a signature sound.

“Lore of the Immortals” track listing

1. Movement I – Titan’s Slumber (feat. Brian Canzanella)
2. Movement II – Mountains of Woe (feat. Chet Powell)
3. Movement III – The Wrath of Leviathan (feat. Paul Jacovino)

You can stream the concerto in it’s entirety on YouTube.

For more information and to pre-order signed CDs and sheet music, please visit…


Needless to say I’m incredibly excited to get this out there. It was a blast working with my friends Paul Jacovino, Chet Powell, and my cousin Brian Canzanella. These are some of the finest guitarists I have ever worked with. I had the pleasure of working with Paul before in Vena Amoris on the album “Descent Into Darkness.”

You can pre-order the CD + Sheet Music combo over on the Store section. There’s also an Epic Edition over on my Bandcamp page that features PDF sheet music, hi rez artwork, and backing tracks (without piano).

Stream the entire concerto on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!